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You’ll Love Our – DE LORENZO Vegan Certified Hair Care Range

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At Tropaz Hair Designs & Beauty, we proudly stock a range of popular DE LORENZO hair care products, that are gentle on your hair and gentle on the environment.

It’s a testament to our commitment to cruelty-free, environmentally responsible hair care.

Tropaz shares core values with DE LORENZO which revolve around three key principles: Vegan Certified & Plant-Based, 100% Australian-Made, and Environmentally Sustainable.

Vegan Certified & Plant-Based

DE LORENZO is proudly vegan certified, using only plant-based, organic ingredients.

Say no to animal testing and animal-derived components. Their formulas feature botanical oils and native Australian plants, perfect for our climate.

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100% Australian-Made

DE LORENZO is a 100% Australian-made and owned brand. From concept to creation, everything happens right here in Australia, ensuring quality control.

Environmentally Sustainable

We are both committed to reducing our environmental impact. DE LORENZO packaging includes the highest recycled material content, showcasing their dedication to sustainability.


Healthy hair comes from a haircare regime that addresses and maintains the ‘Four Natural Balances™’, which are used in all DE LORENZO product formulations.

Make a choice that aligns with your values - choose DE LORENZO for ethical, Australian made, and eco-friendly hair care, available at Tropaz Hair Designs & Beauty. Ask us for more details.

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